Shift Starts and Ends, Part 2

September 3, 2015, Micah Blake McCurdy, @IneffectiveMath

This is part two of a multi-part article about shifts, with special attention to how shot generation is related to where on the ice shifts start. In this part I'll introduce a quantitative adjustment for shot results based on shift start locations and we'll see that, at the season level, virtually no players see deployment that warrants discussion.

Previously, we saw how faceoffs were inadequate to describe shifts and how around half of all shifts start on-the-fly.In very broad strokes, where and how you start your shift is your coaches' decision; what you do with it is yours, including winning or losing faceoffs, breaking the puck out of your end or failing to do so, holding the puck in the offensive zone, or not; etc.

In the next (as-yet unpublished) article in the series, we'll look at individual game results and shift end locations as well as shift-start locations.

On-the-fly Shifts

At the end of the first part, we saw how on-the-fly shifts could not be sensibly localized in a way analagous to the fixed locations of shifts that start with faceoffs. In particular, we found that the character of shifts that began on-the-fly were strongly characterized by the hard-to-foresee location of the next event and very weakly characterized by the known location of the previous event. If we look at on-the-fly shifts according to the location of the most recent event, we obtain the following:

This suggests we are justified in treating all on-the-fly shifts as of one piece. The contest for the puck at the beginning of such shifts is immensely important, as the final image from part one shows. This also suggests a future work; namely, developing a way to predict with some decent accuracy the location of the next event following an on-the-fly shift.

Thus, we proceed by treating ``on-the-fly'' shifts as an entity to themselves. This chart shows the four shift types together, with the faceoff starts coded by zone.

Compared to the faceoff shifts, the on-the-fly shifts have shots at very early times, as expected; what is somewhat more surprising is that they are persistently higher than the faceoff types in the region around twenty seconds after shift start. Nevertheless, after around thirty seconds, all shift types see broadly similar shot rates, clustering around 50-70 shots per sixty minutes.

Shift-start-location Adjustment Coefficients

Using an approach similar to my method of score-adjustment, I weight each shot according to how rare it was, given its context. Shots from offensive-zone starts are easy to come by and thus cheap and weighted lightly; shots from defensive-zone starts are hard to obtain and thus weighted highly.

Shift Start LocationShots for weightShots against weight

So, if you start most of your shifts in the OZ, the shots your team generates will count for less and the shots they allow will count for more, to account for the head-start you were given by your coach. For each event at 5v5, there are ten skaters, not all of which started their shifts in the same place or at the same time. To get a value for each shot, we average the ten corresponding coefficients.

A more subtle adjustment method would compute adjustment coefficients for each second of each shift type, it is possible that this is an avenue worth pursuing. In the interests of simplicity, I do not do so here.

Adjusted Shot rates

Using the above coefficients, let's look at the 2014-2015 NHL season to see who moves and by how much. First of all, let's look at the five players with the largest adjustment in on-ice shot percentage among all those who played at least 100 minutes at 5v5.

The largest change is Jesse Joensuu, who played almost two hundred 5v5 minutes for Edmonton and had a raw shot percentage of 45.5%. When adjusting for his deployment, he's boosted almost three percentage points to just shy of 48.5%. The largest change in the other direction is Brendan Shinniman, who played 128 minutes at 5v5 for the Coyotes; his raw shot percentage of 49.0% is adjusted almost two percentage points to 47.1%. Their raw usage was as follows:

Shift Start LocationAverageJoensuuShinnimin

It is this kind of extreme deployment that generates the biggest shifts in the league. The enormous bulk of players do not see this kind of deployment, and measures based on (some) faceoffs hugely exaggerate which players are actually being deployed by their coaches in "heavily" defensive of offensive roles. Some players are routinely discussed as if their supposedly "extreme" deployment might explain their results, some players are reverently described as "buried" while others are, derisively, "sheltered". Let's look at four such players; Henrik Sedin and Erik Karlsson (supposedly sheltered) and Marcus Kruger and Manny Malhotra (notionally buried), repeating Paul Gaustad from the previous chart for scale.

For Kruger there is a discernible effect of defensive deployment, in fact it accounts for just over one percentage point of movement in his shot percentage. For Malhotra there is a marked effect in shots against but none to speak of in shots for; we see that, even after accounting for his deployment he bleeds shots against heavily. On the other hand, both Henrik Sedin and Erik Karlsson show no movement whatever in shot percentage, shifting slightly towards the "high-event" scale. Their shot results are neither inflated nor deflated by their deployment.

Of all the players in the league in 2014-2015 with 100 minutes played at 5v5, only 5% of them them see their on-ice shot percentage move more than one percentage point; they are highlighted below in blue.

Only two players (Joensuu and Gaustad) move more than two percentage points, they are shown in red. At season scales, for almost every regular player, zone starts don't matter.


All 2014-2015 skaters with at least 100 minutes of 5v5 icetime, with raw and zone-start adjusted shot percentage.

Player5v5 Ice-time (Hours)Raw shot %Adj. shot %Change
Justin Abdelkader1656.255.3-0.8
Craig Adams847.446.8-0.6
Jason Akeson238.037.1-1.0
Bryan Allen352.853.00.2
Karl Alzner2251.051.10.1
Joakim Andersson1044.444.70.3
Andy Andreoff347.546.3-1.2
Artem Anisimov1050.551.00.5
Mark Arcobello1652.351.8-0.5
Cam Atkinson1748.348.50.2
Keith Aulie743.844.10.2
David Backes1850.050.50.4
Mikael Backlund1245.846.00.2
Nicklas Backstrom2153.953.6-0.3
Sven Baertschi344.143.7-0.3
Josh Bailey1753.052.1-0.9
Keith Ballard343.943.0-0.9
Mark Barberio1352.952.2-0.6
Aleksander Barkov1652.352.3-0.0
Tyson Barrie2345.245.1-0.0
Matt Bartkowski1249.849.3-0.4
Victor Bartley849.549.1-0.5
Jay Beagle1149.850.30.5
Francois Beauchemin1950.650.5-0.1
Nathan Beaulieu1549.048.7-0.3
Taylor Beck1146.847.91.1
Matt Beleskey1353.953.90.0
Brett Bellemore1248.047.8-0.2
Pierre-Edouard Bellemare1446.446.1-0.3
Beau Bennett953.753.2-0.4
Jamie Benn1954.354.1-0.2
Jordie Benn1854.454.40.0
Andre Benoit1537.137.40.3
Patrice Bergeron1858.358.70.4
Sean Bergenheim1253.553.0-0.5
Patrik Berglund1654.654.70.1
Steve Bernier1347.547.2-0.3
Bryan Bickell1554.253.0-1.2
Alex Biega242.441.8-0.6
Danny Biega358.057.5-0.5
Kevin Bieksa1748.348.0-0.3
Nick Bjugstad1650.350.2-0.2
Mikkel Boedker1047.447.1-0.4
Zach Bogosian1946.647.10.5
Dave Bolland1149.749.80.1
Brandon Bollig941.741.70.1
Jared Boll937.137.20.2
Nick Bonino1551.251.0-0.2
David Booth1047.048.01.0
Mark Borowiecki1446.546.60.1
Robert Bortuzzo1253.053.30.2
Reid Boucher252.051.4-0.6
Lance Bouma1541.641.90.3
Michael Bournival448.148.70.6
Gabriel Bourque1248.249.10.9
Rene Bourque1048.347.8-0.6
Jay Bouwmeester2150.550.60.1
Johnny Boychuk1955.555.5-0.0
Zach Boychuk549.048.1-0.9
Brad Boyes1751.751.7-0.0
Brian Boyle1450.250.40.2
Dan Boyle1852.851.8-1.0
Tyler Bozak1945.945.7-0.2
Derick Brassard1852.551.9-0.6
Justin Braun2050.550.50.0
Eric Brewer1244.845.20.4
Daniel Briere1041.741.5-0.2
Jonas Brodin2450.750.6-0.0
T.J. Brodie2645.445.50.1
Kyle Brodziak1344.444.4-0.0
Troy Brouwer1650.850.7-0.0
Dustin Brown1854.754.5-0.2
J.T. Brown850.350.50.3
Damien Brunner352.552.5-0.0
Andre Burakovsky1054.654.0-0.7
Adam Burish336.337.31.0
Brent Burns2453.453.50.1
Alex Burrows1452.652.5-0.2
Chris Butler950.650.3-0.3
Dustin Byfuglien1952.752.70.0
Paul Byron1146.446.40.0
Ryan Callahan1853.052.5-0.6
Matthew Calvert1247.447.60.2
Mike Cammalleri1645.245.40.2
Andrew Campbell846.646.70.1
Brian Campbell2454.553.8-0.7
Gregory Campbell1241.441.50.1
Dan Carcillo549.449.70.3
Matt Carle1653.453.40.0
John Carlson2351.351.2-0.1
Jordan Caron437.838.00.2
Sam Carrick248.649.61.0
Jeff Carter1856.656.4-0.2
Ryan Carter747.247.80.6
Cody Ceci2049.049.10.1
Michael Chaput536.936.90.0
Zdeno Chara1854.253.9-0.3
Ben Chiarot1053.153.80.6
Alex Chiasson1350.950.5-0.4
Jason Chimera1447.347.2-0.1
Kyle Chipchura1449.950.70.8
Casey Cizikas1349.850.00.1
David Clarkson1245.846.40.6
Daniel Cleary254.052.5-1.5
Adam Clendening549.749.2-0.5
Marc-Andre Cliche1038.639.00.4
Kyle Clifford1454.253.6-0.7
Grant Clitsome653.052.6-0.4
Ryane Clowe346.847.00.2
Cal Clutterbuck1451.051.50.5
Braydon Coburn1250.350.0-0.3
Andrew Cogliano1750.850.6-0.2
Carlo Colaiacovo855.054.6-0.4
Joe Colborne1342.842.4-0.5
Erik Cole1351.050.3-0.7
Ian Cole1854.654.4-0.2
Blake Comeau1452.852.3-0.6
Cory Conacher349.448.2-1.2
Erik Condra1450.851.40.5
Kevin Connauton1448.147.6-0.5
Brett Connolly955.355.0-0.3
Matt Cooke543.343.80.5
Frank Corrado249.849.6-0.2
Logan Couture1950.250.0-0.2
Sean Couturier1848.448.70.3
Jared Cowen1448.047.8-0.2
Charlie Coyle1750.650.6-0.0
Adam Cracknell340.541.10.6
B.J. Crombeen843.143.0-0.0
Sidney Crosby1956.255.5-0.6
Matt Cullen1253.352.5-0.7
Craig Cunningham843.543.70.1
Klas Dahlbeck643.643.70.1
Trevor Daley1845.945.2-0.8
Zac Dalpe340.240.40.1
Marko Dano754.154.90.9
Pavel Datsyuk1559.959.4-0.5
Brandon Davidson344.944.7-0.2
Calvin De Haan1853.353.3-0.0
Danny Dekeyser2253.853.5-0.2
Jacob De La Rose744.145.00.9
Michael Del Zotto1848.848.8-0.1
Jason Demers2154.754.80.0
David Desharnais1951.050.3-0.7
Andrew Desjardins1145.946.60.6
Nicolas Deslauriers1534.134.20.1
Simon Despres1952.252.40.2
Raphael Diaz1045.845.6-0.2
Brenden Dillon2351.752.00.3
Shane Doan1949.649.60.0
Matt Donovan349.048.5-0.5
Derek Dorsett1543.142.5-0.6
Drew Doughty2956.456.4-0.0
Steve Downie1349.949.7-0.2
Leon Draisaitl752.450.9-1.4
Jonathan Drouin1353.753.1-0.5
Brandon Dubinsky1052.253.00.8
Matt Duchene2043.243.1-0.1
Anthony Duclair351.150.1-1.0
Matt Dumba1252.351.3-1.0
Brian Dumoulin243.643.80.3
Pascal Dupuis354.854.3-0.5
Patrick Dwyer1244.844.7-0.0
Cody Eakin1750.250.50.2
Patrick Eaves954.454.3-0.0
Andrew Ebbett348.848.7-0.1
Jordan Eberle2150.549.7-0.8
Alexander Edler2152.052.30.3
Christian Ehrhoff1451.551.60.0
Aaron Ekblad2353.853.4-0.5
Mattias Ekholm2156.455.8-0.5
Oliver Ekman-Larsson2451.651.90.3
Patrik Elias1448.148.50.4
Lars Eller1747.548.00.5
Matt Ellis537.437.60.1
Ryan Ellis1555.654.9-0.6
Alexei Emelin1945.845.7-0.1
Deryk Engelland1740.239.9-0.3
Tyler Ennis1937.437.40.0
Tobias Enstrom1751.051.0-0.1
Martin Erat1753.253.50.2
Jonathan Ericsson2250.450.1-0.4
Loui Eriksson1852.952.8-0.0
Tim Erixon948.647.9-0.7
Emerson Etem953.653.4-0.1
Dennis Everberg1040.040.40.4
Justin Falk345.044.0-1.0
Jesper Fast1049.950.00.1
Justin Faulk2554.954.7-0.2
Mark Fayne1846.046.10.1
Taylor Fedun251.351.40.1
Eric Fehr1650.450.50.1
Andrew Ference1945.044.6-0.4
Micheal Ferland444.844.6-0.3
Vernon Fiddler1449.649.80.2
Valtteri Filppula1850.550.1-0.4
Mike Fisher1352.051.5-0.5
Mark Fistric246.646.4-0.1
Tomas Fleischmann1352.151.8-0.3
Brian Flynn1237.738.00.3
Marcus Foligno1337.938.20.3
Nick Foligno1850.450.40.0
Christian Folin950.550.4-0.1
Justin Fontaine1351.050.7-0.4
Filip Forsberg1857.055.8-1.2
Cam Fowler2150.150.0-0.1
Cody Franson1949.749.70.0
Johan Franzen752.751.5-1.1
Mark Fraser841.240.8-0.4
Matt Fraser1145.745.2-0.5
Michael Frolik1955.354.9-0.3
Marian Gaborik1559.559.60.1
Sam Gagner1952.151.3-0.7
Simon Gagne447.747.3-0.3
Alex Galchenyuk1851.050.5-0.5
T.J. Galiardi546.646.4-0.2
Brendan Gallagher1853.553.3-0.2
Ryan Garbutt1349.750.00.3
Jake Gardiner2249.849.90.1
Jason Garrison1852.552.2-0.4
Johnny Gaudreau1946.545.9-0.6
Paul Gaustad1242.144.72.6
Luke Gazdic542.541.9-0.6
Eric Gelinas1448.748.1-0.6
Nathan Gerbe1753.954.20.3
Ryan Getzlaf1851.751.7-0.0
Brian Gibbons545.245.0-0.2
Tom Gilbert1945.746.10.4
Brian Gionta1640.640.70.1
Stephen Gionta1147.948.10.2
Mark Giordano1948.448.80.3
Daniel Girardi2446.146.30.2
Zemgus Girgensons1435.836.30.5
Claude Giroux2052.752.80.1
Tanner Glass1043.443.80.4
Tim Gleason1749.348.8-0.5
Curtis Glencross1545.846.00.2
Luke Glendening1544.544.80.4
Marcel Goc1149.950.10.2
Alex Goligoski2453.653.5-0.0
Cody Goloubef950.450.90.5
Scott Gomez1347.146.7-0.4
Sergei Gonchar1246.646.3-0.3
Barclay Goodrow1047.447.80.5
Boyd Gordon1243.445.11.7
Josh Gorges1334.134.90.8
Brandon Gormley648.848.5-0.3
Michael Grabner650.351.00.7
Mikhail Grabovski1156.056.50.4
Markus Granlund940.840.6-0.3
Mikael Granlund1652.452.4-0.1
Andrew Greene2448.248.50.3
Colin Greening451.351.90.6
Matt Greene1854.454.0-0.5
Mike Green1852.451.9-0.5
Seth Griffith649.448.9-0.5
Mikhail Grigorenko639.339.50.2
Nicklas Grossmann1746.345.9-0.4
Eric Gryba1647.246.9-0.3
Radko Gudas852.351.7-0.6
Erik Gudbranson1949.449.60.2
Nathan Guenin1839.639.80.2
Carl Gunnarsson1650.049.8-0.1
Carl Hagelin1750.450.1-0.3
Ron Hainsey2451.951.8-0.2
Matt Halischuk749.249.1-0.1
Taylor Hall1450.350.2-0.1
Dan Hamhuis1650.750.80.1
Dougie Hamilton2055.054.9-0.1
Freddie Hamilton238.939.20.4
Ryan Hamilton341.240.9-0.2
Travis Hamonic2150.950.8-0.0
Scott Hannan1447.347.0-0.3
Jannik Hansen1648.347.6-0.7
Martin Hanzal852.353.10.8
Jay Harrison1250.350.0-0.3
Scott Harrington252.952.9-0.1
Peter Harrold943.643.5-0.1
Scott Hartnell1851.751.70.0
Erik Haula1248.548.60.1
Martin Havlat845.045.60.5
Jimmy Hayes1551.851.80.0
Kevin Hayes1550.950.3-0.6
Victor Hedman1653.953.4-0.5
Jan Hejda2443.543.70.2
Seth Helgeson443.844.00.3
Darren Helm1557.457.2-0.2
Ales Hemsky1452.051.4-0.6
Matt Hendricks1344.946.31.4
Adam Henrique1746.146.1-0.0
Tomas Hertl1854.054.10.1
Thomas Hickey2251.751.80.1
Chris Higgins1550.750.5-0.2
Jack Hillen848.147.3-0.9
Joey Hishon240.141.00.9
Niklas Hjalmarsson2553.252.6-0.6
Cody Hodgson1538.638.5-0.1
Mike Hoffman1651.951.5-0.4
Nick Holden2042.242.0-0.2
Peter Holland1243.644.40.8
Korbinian Holzer843.844.00.2
Shawn Horcoff1352.752.70.0
Patric Hörnqvist1454.554.2-0.3
Bo Horvat1244.644.2-0.4
Marian Hossa1955.355.2-0.1
Jonathan Huberdeau1852.151.8-0.4
Jiri Hudler1846.546.3-0.3
Brad Hunt349.148.7-0.3
Matt Hunwick1353.052.3-0.7
Jarome Iginla2041.641.4-0.2
Matt Irwin1351.751.2-0.4
Barret Jackman1952.752.70.0
Tim Jackman850.450.2-0.1
Jaromir Jagr1852.852.80.0
Calle Jarnkrok1353.953.6-0.3
Dmitrij Jaskin1155.555.2-0.3
Boone Jenner747.947.90.0
Jesse Joensuu345.548.43.0
Marcus Johansson1753.252.9-0.3
Ryan Johansen1947.647.80.2
Erik Johnson1446.246.60.4
Jack Johnson2347.547.90.4
Tyler Johnson1654.554.3-0.2
Jussi Jokinen1650.650.80.2
Olli Jokinen1251.250.8-0.4
Jyrki Jokipakka1349.749.2-0.5
David Jones1543.844.30.5
Seth Jones2154.053.3-0.7
Josh Jooris1247.046.7-0.3
Michal Jordan951.751.6-0.1
Jacob Josefson1050.750.80.0
Roman Josi2650.250.50.3
Tomas Jurco1155.255.0-0.2
Nazem Kadri1749.650.10.5
Patrick Kaleta532.833.30.5
Steven Kampfer648.849.00.2
Evander Kane952.852.7-0.2
Patrick Kane1553.352.1-1.1
Erik Karlsson2852.852.8-0.0
Melker Karlsson1254.555.20.7
William Karlsson448.847.8-1.0
Zack Kassian849.949.9-0.0
Duncan Keith2555.955.5-0.4
Chris Kelly1751.651.4-0.2
Ronalds Kenins647.547.2-0.3
Tyler Kennedy754.454.2-0.2
Ryan Kesler1950.851.30.5
Phil Kessel1945.945.6-0.3
Alex Killorn1655.054.3-0.7
Jakub Kindl857.956.9-0.9
Dwight King1754.754.3-0.3
Oscar Klefbom1949.849.6-0.3
Kevin Klein1749.249.50.2
John Klingberg1953.553.60.1
Rob Klinkhammer1347.848.40.5
Mikko Koivu1854.654.3-0.3
Leo Komarov1246.948.01.1
Tomas Kopecky1147.948.00.1
Anze Kopitar1859.459.70.3
Lauri Korpikoski1444.044.10.0
Brandon Kozun244.344.80.5
Chris Kreider1850.249.8-0.5
David Krejci1151.150.9-0.2
Niklas Kronwall2250.249.7-0.5
Marcus Kruger1452.253.31.0
Torey Krug2053.052.3-0.8
Nikita Kucherov1756.055.6-0.4
Nikolay Kulemin1752.252.50.3
Dmitry Kulikov2051.251.30.1
Chris Kunitz1756.756.2-0.6
Evgeny Kuznetsov1549.348.8-0.5
Andrew Ladd1954.053.7-0.2
Brooks Laich1349.749.80.1
Anton Lander748.247.9-0.3
Gabriel Landeskog2047.748.30.6
Maxim Lapierre1144.044.10.1
Adam Larsson1847.047.20.2
Johan Larsson842.142.10.0
Brian Lashoff250.749.8-0.9
Michael Latta751.051.70.7
Scott Laughton645.344.7-0.5
Curtis Lazar1350.951.00.1
Vincent Lecavalier1046.545.8-0.7
Nick Leddy2155.655.4-0.2
Anders Lee1554.153.1-0.9
David Legwand1349.349.60.3
Jori Lehtera1652.151.5-0.5
Jordan Leopold1045.044.8-0.2
Lucas Lessio549.048.6-0.5
Kris Letang2055.655.2-0.4
Mark Letestu942.642.90.3
Trevor Lewis1556.756.4-0.3
John-Michael Liles1555.154.6-0.5
Petteri Lindbohm650.550.4-0.0
Elias Lindholm1853.452.8-0.6
Hampus Lindholm2251.651.3-0.3
Joakim Lindstrom951.051.10.1
Bryan Little1653.753.4-0.4
Ben Lovejoy1751.951.9-0.1
Adam Lowry1754.454.3-0.2
Milan Lucic1851.050.4-0.6
Joffrey Lupul1243.944.30.4
Olli Määttä550.749.7-1.0
Clarke Macarthur1350.651.40.7
Andrew Macdonald1649.148.3-0.8
Derek Mackenzie1348.949.00.0
Nathan Mackinnon1448.949.40.5
Andrew Macwilliam240.341.10.8
Manny Malhotra835.336.71.5
Evgeni Malkin1655.054.5-0.5
Brad Malone1045.044.9-0.1
Brandon Manning350.249.5-0.7
Josh Manson754.454.40.0
Alexey Marchenko358.257.0-1.3
Brad Marchand1756.556.5-0.0
Martin Marincin1148.748.80.1
Andrei Markov2450.751.00.3
Patrick Marleau1950.450.60.2
Patrick Maroon1452.052.20.2
Alec Martinez1453.253.0-0.2
Matthew Martin1451.351.3-0.0
Paul Martin2152.652.3-0.3
Shawn Matthias1547.747.4-0.3
Jamie Mcbain553.352.5-0.9
Jay Mcclement1543.743.70.1
Cody Mccormick535.236.31.1
Colin Mcdonald349.749.5-0.2
Ryan Mcdonagh2048.948.9-0.0
Jamie Mcginn440.039.7-0.3
Tye Mcginn847.246.9-0.3
Curtis Mckenzie750.850.6-0.2
Cody Mcleod1338.839.00.3
Brandon Mcmillan946.447.30.9
Brayden Mcnabb1657.156.6-0.5
Adam Mcquaid1749.549.0-0.5
Jayson Megna245.547.11.6
Jon Merrill1945.545.3-0.2
Andrej Meszaros1538.838.6-0.2
Marc Methot1554.354.40.0
Milan Michalek1349.149.20.1
Zbynek Michalek1951.852.10.3
Andrew Miller246.446.3-0.1
Drew Miller1443.043.60.5
J.T. Miller1150.750.70.0
Kevan Miller1049.749.3-0.5
John Mitchell1542.042.10.1
Torrey Mitchell1339.439.40.1
Willie Mitchell1950.450.90.6
Travis Moen644.044.60.5
Sean Monahan2045.445.50.1
Dominic Moore1547.348.51.1
John Moore1350.449.5-0.9
Jeremy Morin753.352.5-0.8
Brenden Morrow1152.652.60.0
Joe Morrow450.550.4-0.1
David Moss1149.350.10.9
Matt Moulson1840.340.30.0
Mirco Mueller1050.550.80.3
Connor Murphy1844.844.5-0.3
Ryan Murphy950.950.5-0.4
Ryan Murray349.750.60.9
Jake Muzzin2358.157.7-0.4
Tyler Myers2139.139.20.1
Vladislav Namestnikov849.349.0-0.3
Rick Nash1750.950.5-0.4
Riley Nash1452.752.3-0.3
James Neal1657.056.2-0.9
Chris Neil645.645.5-0.1
Brock Nelson1652.952.8-0.1
Patrik Nemeth553.552.9-0.6
Nikita Nesterov754.253.4-0.8
Andrej Nestrasil1156.356.3-0.0
Nino Niederreiter1652.652.90.3
Frans Nielsen1552.252.60.3
Matt Nieto1552.752.4-0.3
Nikita Nikitin1148.848.2-0.6
Matt Niskanen2451.952.00.0
Jordan Nolan1048.848.4-0.5
Joakim Nordstrom649.551.11.6
Ryan Nugent-Hopkins1949.949.6-0.2
Gustav Nyquist1753.252.8-0.4
Eric Nystrom1043.245.11.8
Shane O'Brien241.541.1-0.4
Ryan O'Reilly1946.146.80.7
Johnny Oduya2351.050.4-0.6
Kyle Okposo1554.253.2-1.0
Jamie Oleksiak749.148.5-0.6
Dylan Olsen1048.348.2-0.1
Brooks Orpik2349.649.3-0.3
T.J. Oshie1751.852.40.6
Steve Ott1347.147.50.4
Xavier Ouellet557.857.0-0.7
Alex Ovechkin2053.753.3-0.4
Max Pacioretty1951.550.9-0.6
Jean-Gabriel Pageau1051.852.20.4
Daniel Paille1245.845.3-0.4
Iiro Pakarinen347.846.6-1.1
Ondrej Palat1656.055.8-0.2
Kyle Palmieri1151.651.5-0.1
Richard Panik1347.748.00.2
Cedric Paquette1250.850.7-0.0
Adam Pardy1151.351.2-0.1
P.A. Parenteau1250.549.5-1.0
Zach Parise1853.252.6-0.6
David Pastrnak955.054.0-1.1
Greg Pateryn350.750.7-0.0
Joe Pavelski2056.756.90.2
Tanner Pearson856.055.9-0.1
Anthony Peluso549.549.0-0.5
Stuart Percy243.943.5-0.4
Mathieu Perreault1356.756.80.1
David Perron1954.853.9-0.9
Corey Perry1651.050.8-0.3
Alex Petrovic848.148.0-0.1
Jeff Petry2347.347.1-0.2
Dion Phaneuf1945.145.1-0.0
Chris Phillips1044.644.4-0.2
Alex Pietrangelo2550.250.1-0.1
Steven Pinizzotto246.247.10.8
Brandon Pirri1052.351.8-0.5
Tyler Pitlick349.749.80.1
Tomas Plekanec1949.249.60.3
Roman Polak1645.045.70.6
Jason Pominville1954.153.7-0.4
Chris Porter452.451.5-0.9
Paul Postma954.253.7-0.5
Benoit Pouliot1250.549.8-0.7
Derrick Pouliot852.451.7-0.7
Nate Prosser1146.947.40.4
Dalton Prout1646.846.7-0.1
Brandon Prust1545.345.50.2
Matt Puempel254.554.1-0.4
Teemu Pulkkinen556.255.0-1.2
Teddy Purcell1849.148.6-0.5
Mark Pysyk235.135.70.6
Kyle Quincey2053.052.5-0.5
Michael Raffl1455.154.8-0.3
Rickard Rakell1353.153.10.0
Victor Rask1753.953.8-0.1
Mason Raymond1243.242.6-0.5
Matt Read1847.147.40.3
Ryan Reaves1145.445.3-0.1
Zach Redmond1445.345.2-0.1
Robyn Regehr1951.351.2-0.0
Griffin Reinhart245.044.9-0.1
Mike Ribeiro2057.155.9-1.2
Brad Richards1654.352.8-1.4
Brad Richardson948.348.50.2
Mike Richards1051.751.2-0.5
Tobias Rieder1649.549.4-0.1
Morgan Rielly2248.148.50.3
Zac Rinaldo844.644.2-0.4
Rasmus Ristolainen2136.937.20.3
Brett Ritchie655.755.80.0
Colby Robak349.448.7-0.7
Stephane Robidas1243.743.7-0.1
Antoine Roussel1650.651.00.4
Derek Roy1648.747.9-0.8
Michal Rozsival1753.553.50.0
David Rundblad1056.956.5-0.4
Kris Russell2542.942.4-0.5
Bryan Rust351.651.1-0.5
Tuomo Ruutu1349.149.30.2
Bobby Ryan1749.649.5-0.1
Michael Ryder1046.446.60.2
Brandon Saad1853.853.5-0.2
Bryce Salvador446.346.30.1
Mike Santorelli1747.347.80.5
David Savard2347.047.20.2
Luca Sbisa2047.147.0-0.1
Marco Scandella1952.052.50.5
Colton Sceviour1353.653.5-0.0
Timothy Schaller335.036.51.5
Mark Scheifele2053.052.8-0.2
Brayden Schenn1849.749.3-0.4
Luke Schenn1550.650.5-0.1
David Schlemko1049.449.3-0.1
Nate Schmidt954.053.8-0.2
Jordan Schroeder453.854.30.6
Jeff Schultz257.356.2-1.1
Justin Schultz2550.249.5-0.7
Nick Schultz2047.547.2-0.3
Jaden Schwartz1752.352.0-0.3
John Scott545.844.7-1.1
Rob Scuderi2151.050.8-0.2
Brent Seabrook2352.351.9-0.4
Daniel Sedin1953.353.50.1
Henrik Sedin1954.154.1-0.0
Tyler Seguin1754.053.7-0.3
Dennis Seidenberg2548.248.1-0.1
Jiri Sekac1449.950.10.2
Andrej Sekera2154.254.2-0.1
Alexander Semin1355.955.7-0.2
Tim Sestito244.242.8-1.3
Devin Setoguchi242.543.30.8
Damon Severson1550.550.60.1
Patrick Sharp1555.554.7-0.9
Kevin Shattenkirk1554.554.2-0.3
Andrew Shaw1554.053.3-0.7
Riley Sheahan1655.354.6-0.7
James Sheppard1547.547.90.4
Brendan Shinnimin249.147.2-1.8
Drew Shore237.638.00.4
Nicholas Shore652.651.5-1.1
Jakob Silfverberg1751.752.00.3
Zach Sill844.944.7-0.2
Wayne Simmonds1650.450.3-0.1
Mike Sislo247.048.31.3
Jack Skille945.245.40.2
Jeff Skinner1751.550.9-0.6
Jim Slater945.245.0-0.3
Ladislav Smid742.041.7-0.3
Ben Smith1449.549.90.5
Brendan Smith2055.654.8-0.8
Craig Smith1755.554.2-1.3
Devante Smith-Pelly1446.946.7-0.1
Reilly Smith1855.054.9-0.1
Trevor Smith845.845.80.1
Zack Smith647.147.0-0.1
Carl Soderberg1951.451.4-0.0
Nick Spaling1751.651.90.3
Jason Spezza1754.454.0-0.5
Ryan Spooner550.249.4-0.8
Jared Spurgeon1953.853.7-0.1
Martin St. Louis1747.747.1-0.6
Eric Staal1957.457.4-0.0
Jordan Staal1259.659.80.2
Marc Staal2447.047.20.2
Drew Stafford1741.541.2-0.3
Matt Stajan1044.645.00.5
Viktor Stalberg552.051.7-0.3
Steven Stamkos2053.252.6-0.5
Ryan Stanton1344.844.0-0.8
Paul Stastny1754.254.30.1
Alex Steen1752.753.00.3
Lee Stempniak1350.650.80.2
Derek Stepan1546.245.9-0.3
Chris Stewart1839.439.50.1
Jarret Stoll1551.150.9-0.2
Karl Stollery257.757.2-0.4
Clayton Stoner1751.251.30.0
Mark Stone1751.851.90.1
Michael Stone2349.549.50.1
Tyson Strachan1237.537.4-0.1
Brian Strait1446.646.60.0
Anton Stralman2156.256.0-0.2
Mark Streit2349.749.5-0.2
Ryan Strome1653.453.1-0.3
Brad Stuart1839.339.0-0.3
Mark Stuart1852.552.3-0.2
P.K. Subban2652.052.30.3
Chris Summers442.041.6-0.5
Andrej Sustr1950.150.0-0.1
Ryan Suter2851.651.2-0.4
Brandon Sutter1749.549.4-0.1
Jordan Szwarz233.835.01.2
Max Talbot1544.344.70.3
Christopher Tanev2052.052.10.1
Alex Tanguay1842.742.80.1
Vladimir Tarasenko1855.154.8-0.3
Tomas Tatar1859.158.5-0.6
John Tavares2254.853.5-1.3
Matt Tennyson747.647.6-0.0
Teuvo Teravainen754.053.8-0.3
Chris Terry1152.051.7-0.3
Christian Thomas356.155.9-0.2
Nate Thompson1547.747.90.2
Chris Thorburn1149.048.8-0.2
Joe Thornton1858.358.90.5
Shawn Thornton749.349.40.1
Chris Tierney847.247.30.1
Kimmo Timonen345.345.0-0.3
Jarred Tinordi250.250.80.6
Jiri Tlusty1654.354.2-0.1
Jonathan Toews1955.955.8-0.1
Tyler Toffoli1557.357.1-0.2
Jordin Tootoo1144.444.2-0.3
Vincent Trocheck1053.353.1-0.2
Corey Tropp938.638.90.3
Zach Trotman753.052.5-0.6
Jacob Trouba1854.754.4-0.3
Kyle Turris1950.450.50.1
Fedor Tyutin1845.645.90.2
R.J. Umberger1346.646.70.1
Scottie Upshall1150.751.00.3
Chris Vandevelde1246.546.1-0.4
Thomas Vanek1747.646.8-0.8
James Van Riemsdyk1944.744.4-0.3
Trevor Van Riemsdyk460.259.6-0.6
Philip Varone636.636.70.1
Sami Vatanen1751.551.60.1
Antoine Vermette1847.747.80.0
Kris Versteeg1454.153.2-0.9
Linden Vey1447.947.5-0.5
Lubomir Visnovsky1454.554.3-0.2
Joe Vitale1042.843.60.8
Marc-Edouard Vlasic2051.851.90.1
Anton Volchenkov951.650.5-1.0
Jakub Voracek1953.653.3-0.3
Radim Vrbata1751.451.4-0.0
Joel Ward1850.150.30.3
Mike Weaver645.645.4-0.2
Mike Weber1738.538.90.4
Shea Weber2550.550.80.3
Yannick Weber1650.250.1-0.2
Dale Weise1545.845.4-0.4
Stephen Weiss853.152.5-0.6
Alexander Wennberg1348.949.20.3
Blake Wheeler1854.454.50.1
Ryan White650.350.1-0.2
Dennis Wideman2543.042.7-0.3
Patrick Wiercioch1354.454.3-0.2
Justin Williams1857.357.30.0
Colin Wilson1755.654.9-0.7
Tom Wilson1252.651.9-0.7
Tommy Wingels1648.448.3-0.1
Daniel Winnik1750.550.80.2
James Wisniewski1849.449.1-0.3
Luke Witkowski450.650.90.2
Nail Yakupov1846.445.7-0.7
Keith Yandle2549.449.2-0.2
Nikita Zadorov1539.639.4-0.2
Travis Zajac1847.447.60.2
Henrik Zetterberg1954.453.5-0.9
Mika Zibanejad1749.949.6-0.3
Marek Zidlicky2450.449.9-0.5
Dainius Zubrus1646.046.40.4
Mats Zuccarello1852.351.6-0.6
Jason Zucker1154.153.7-0.4