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Giving me some of your money is a great idea. There are two different subscription levels and you can choose whatever currency you prefer.

In order to subscribe, you must first log in to hockeyviz using your twitter account:

This is how I keep track of which readers are subscribed and which are not.


Access to interactive tools:

  • Power-play breakdowns,
  • Environment explorer,
  • Spray charts
  • Goalie and Shooter goals vs expected charts
  • xG xPlorer
  • Matchup tool
and historical data. These things are useful year-round for anybody who wants to know things, most people choose it.

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A fancy subscription gives you access to all of the above things, as well as:

  • Game previews and results charts as soon as they're ready,
  • Season predictions as soon as they're ready.
These things are useful during the season if you want to know things without having to wait.

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